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The Main Ingredients


Delicious Bites is a destination for display of imagination creativity, love and fun through food, dessert, and community . Providing fresh baked goods and savory bites using locally sourced ingredients when available.

In addition to providing, catering, education, and customized treat boxes.

Tomira White, a dedicated wife and nurturing mother who brings a blend of expertise and passion to the culinary world. As the visionary Owner and Chef of Delicious Bites, Tomira has masterfully guided her culinary haven for the past five years, infusing every dish with her signature flair. With a solid foundation in both a Bachelor’s of Science and a Masters in Psychology, Tomira has seamlessly blended the art and science of cooking. Her journey doesn’t stop there – Tomira’s relentless pursuit of excellence led her through numerous business incubator programs, paving the way for Delicious Bites to flourish and expand. Inspired by her trailblazing grandmother, a dynamic entrepreneur with four thriving restaurants in Milwaukee, Tomira inherited an innate creativity and a boundless love for food. In her bustling kitchen, Tomira’s culinary prowess shines as she skillfully crafts innovative twists on timeless classics, all while prioritizing top-tier ingredients that resonate with her commitment to quality. Beyond the cutting board, Tomira’s heart finds joy in family moments, jet-setting adventures, and the world of fashion. Join Tomira as she continues to explore, create, and savor the art of cooking, weaving together her rich heritage and contemporary passion into every delectable bite!

Corey White is the Grill Master, Lead Salesman and one of the Top Bakers for Delicious Bites. Clocking in countless hours manning the grill, and also baking thousands of cookies, Corey has helped Delicious Bites bring satisfaction and joy to all of our clients, customers, and friends. Corey has also created a new outlook on “cereal” and “Rice Krispy” treats by help bringing to life their fan favorite and highly requested “Salted Caramel Rice Krispy Treat”. The commitment to excellence established by Delicious Bites is one of the main driving factors that motivates Corey to pursue excellence and pour his heart and soul into every single item that he helps to create. Outside of work, Corey is a dedicated Husband, Father, and the commitment to family also happens to be one of the core values for Delicious bites. Born and raised in Houston,TX his love for culinary arts was first inspired by watching cooking shows on television and wanting to emulate the experiences created by the multiple television personalities be became enamored with. Today one of Corey’s favorite activities is hosting private dinner parties for groups of 20 or so people. It is in this element his personality is allowed to shine while paired with some of the “Delicious Bites” that have been prepared for the guests.

Drew White is a 16 year old boy who believes that creativity is the essence of life. He has discovered a deep love for the arts, a passion for music and an enthusiasm for cooking developed through traveling and education. He possesses a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and unwavering dedication that sets him apart from most his age. He is mild mannered, witty, and extremely helpful. In every facet of his life, he thrives on pushing boundaries, exploring new horizons, and expressing himself through various art forms. He has an innate ability to connect with people on a deep, emotional level. Whether it's through his music, his art, or simply lending a listening ear, he's always there to offer support and kindness to those in need. Drew understands the value of hard work. He practices the piano for hours, refines his art techniques diligently, and constantly seeks to improve his culinary skills. His dedication is an inspiration to those around him, a reminder that with passion and effort, anything is attainable. As he continues to evolve and explore his multifaceted talents, there's no doubt that he will leave an indelible mark on the world, touching hearts and inspiring those who have the privilege of knowing him.

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